Biodynamic agriculture is practiced around the world and in Australia certification from several different organisations is possible. The success of the method depends on a practical understanding of soil physiology ( how soil works), a sensitive approach to soil management (including methods of cultivation, green manuring and rotational grazing if livestock are involved) and importantly the production, storage and application of a series of 8 living natural preparations used on soil, plants and in compost production.

The Australian Demeter method of Biodynamic farming developed by Alex Podolinsky pays great attention to all details of the method. Alex was aware of the importance of each step in the method and of the powerful results possible when all steps effectively combine in the final result. This attention to detail based on an enlightened understanding of living soil and its relationship to plant growth makes the Australian Demeter method of Biodynamics the most effective form of holistic natural farming used today.

If you have walked in a forest, climbed a mountain or even stood on a beach you will have seen at least glimpses of the power of the natural world, so absent in the everyday lives of most people today. Using the Biodynamic method places that power in the hand of the farmer and allows them to engageĀ  and observe it every day.

The most obvious result is better quality food with massive environmental benefit. Less obvious is the satisfaction, agency and downright joy given to the farmer. There is precious little joy mixing chemicals to apply to food crops as a slave of the chemical farming industry and its no surprise to see children of conventional farmers increasingly choosing careers off farm and the resulting steady increase in average farming age and depopulation of the countryside. Holding the tail of the tiger of nature and learning how to skew it towards our aims whilst at the same time improving its own integrity is the gift of the Biodynamic method and it is endlessly rewarding.