Our History

Jennifer and John Nagorcka began the development of Hochkirch in 1990 with a small planting using conventional Australian viticultural practices and varietal selection. The approach subsequently used was radically modified in response to the very cool climate with growing season temperatures similar to Burgundy.

Our History

Biodynamic Vineyard

The biodynamic method of agriculture as developed by Alex Podolinsky has been used here for over 20 years to produce wines of elegance and balance, detailed in their expression of our unique terroir with vivid fruit and distinctive ripe lively acidity.

Biodynamic Ag

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Delicious wines which open to you an experience of the natural world

Drinking our wine also allows you to share and support a method of farming which nurtures, protects and extends the health of the earth, rebuilding and maintaining soil, converting carbon dioxide from air into soil humus, protecting and extending complex ecosystems in soil and above, all without the use of harmful synthetic chemicals.

Winemaking is traditional with very limited intervention and without additives except for the inconstant use of minimal sulphur for some wines at bottling.